Feb 242015

Of all the correspondence received by NAPDUK, the most requested information is about the scope of service that should be provided to our patients. Since 2013, NAPDUK has been working with NHSE to develop a prison dental service specification aimed at improving the oral health of our patients and their long-term outcomes.

At the end of 2014, NHS England published the “Specification Pack – Health Care Services Prison Estate.” This document contains the service specifications for all health care services within prisons which includes the new dental service specification which can be found on pages 78-86. The document has been circulated by NHSE to all commissioners, and we have been given permission to make the dental specification section available to our members on our website.  To download, click on the link below.

Jul 102014

A Survey of Dental Services in Adult Prisons in England and Wales has been published on the gov.uk website and is now available for download.  This work is the result of the online survey conducted in October 2013 and is the most comprehensive survey of prison dental services carried out to date across England and Wales.   The work has been a joint collaboration with Public Health England, NAPDUK, NHS England, National Offender Management Service (NOMS), and NHS Wales.  Now that the document is published, the focus of the working group will shift to the recommendations within the report to develop an action plan.   We will keep NAPDUK members up to date on progress via the website and the networking meetings.  A copy of the report is being sent to all NAPDUK members, and copies of the report are being circulated to other stakeholders via the various organisations involved in this work.

The Status of Prison Dentistry in England and Wales, which was prepared by NAPDUK in March 2013, acted as the driver for these projects and can now be downloaded here.

Jul 102014

In order to assess the oral health of people in prison in Scotland, the Dental Health Services Research Unit (DHSRU) at the University of Dundee carried out an oral health and psychosocial needs survey.  Qualitative interviews were conducted across four Scottish prisons.  The results are now published as part of the Scottish Oral Health Improvement Prison Programme (SOHIPP) and is available for download here.

The results will serve as an evidence-based guide for developing and implementing oral health improvement programmes across Scottish prisons.  This is the second Scottish report on oral health in prisons, and whilst there have been improvements since the previous report in 2002, there is still much work to be done to insure that people in prison have the opportunity to have good oral health, know how to look after their mouths, and are able to access appropriate dental preventative and treatment services.  This detailed report provides the planners of those health boards who deliver health services in prisons with a good source of information on which to shape the future provision of dental services in this challenging environment.

Prisons and Health

The publication, Prisons and Health, by the World Health Organisation Regional Office for Europe outlines important suggestions by international experts on how to improve the health of those in prison.

Safer Custody Training

As many of you may know, the National Offender Management Service (NOMS) issued an updated instruction on “Safer Custody” which went into effect on 1 April 2012 for England and


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